Month: January 2017

Legging Love and a Giveaway!

Leggings, thick socks, and chill.


It’s funny how things come back around, especially in fashion. I remember in late middle school, early high school when leggings, known then as “stirrup pants” were all the rage. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair of black stirrup pants, so off to Maurices we went where black stirrup pants and a long dark green v-neck tunic sweater were procured. I threw on a white scoop neck shirt under the sweater and a long ankh necklace (probably from Contempo Casuals), and I was good to go. That was my favorite outfit. I even had a black Debbie Gibson-esque hat to go with it. Ah, the early-nineties. Gotta love it.

These days when someone mentions leggings, the first name that comes to mind is Lularoe. This company seems to have single-handedly brought leggings back into vogue through their hundreds of consultants now pushing the product on Facebook. I can’t tell you how many LLR Facebook groups I’m currently in, because not all consultants carry the same selection. If you don’t have fast fingers when you see something you like, you’re out of luck. The purchase process is kind of annoying; you can’t just go to one website and buy what you want. You have to stalk at least eight different consultants to find what you’re looking for, then you have to “Claim” it, fill out a form, then wait for an invoice to pay. Annoying.

Leggings, thick socks, and chill.

You have options. I recently found a company called Legging Army offering leggings that are practically the same as the Lularoe version. Super soft, super comfy, the same fabric content, fun patterns AND solids (yes, black is currently available), always FREE shipping, and the best part: you can order from a website and they’ll show up at your door! No more stalking, no more waiting for an online “pop up shop” to see what the selection is. It really is a One Stop Legging Shop. Check out all they have to offer here.

Now that I’ve found these awesome leggings, I’m offering a giveaway! See below for details..and good luck!

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It’s Cookie Time!



It’s that time of year again! When you throw your week-old resolutions out the door and get ready for Girl Scout Cookies!! Or, do you go the opposite direction where you figure out how many of which cookies you’re going to order, then set up your workout plan accordingly? Me? I’m the first type. Or I would be, if I actually made any resolutions to begin with. But that’s another post!

Here in our region, Girl Scouts are hitting the streets to take orders for their wonderfully delicious cookies. If you see one coming, get ready! These girls have goals, and using the line “I would order, but I don’t have any cash” doesn’t work anymore. Part of the Girl Scout motto is to “Be Prepared”, and they now have card readers on their phones. So get out your cards, and help support this amazing organization for young girls. Ask them what their goals are. Ask them what their troop will be doing with the money earned from their cookie sales. Our troop is saving money to go to Savannah, GA, which is the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts. The Juliette Gordon Low House has a wonderful program specifically for troops, and our girls can’t wait to take part in that. The troop is also planning a sleep over at Zoo Atlanta at the end of this school year, so they’re a little excited about that, too.

A few years ago, I went a little crazy with helping our troop get ready for their cookie sales, and created a few printables. I’ve also made these available for everyone, so feel free to download and use them!

Generic Girl Scout Thank You Notes
Generic Girl Scout Thank You Notes
Daisy Thank You Cards
Daisy Thank You Cards

To download, just click on the picture, then right-click and select ‘Save As’. Print the cards full size and borderless (if you have that option) on card stock, then cut apart on the lines. Or, you can purchase the Avery Postcards 8387. Super simple! Terms: PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not sell the design or the finished product. Print as many times as you need. Design © Shannon Moore, 2014.

If you don’t have a Girl Scout, but still would like to order cookies, please consider ordering online from my daughter! You can order online and have them shipped right to you. Check out all of the cookies we have available here:

Thank you for your support!